Case story:




Navtech Denmark A/S is a business-to-consumer reseller of navigation technology. Well known for their high service level and expertise.




Navtech Denmark had the logistics to support a large webshop. Nitram Lexa was asked to participate in designing a unique solution, and later implement it.




A few meetings were used to define the principles on the site. Some elements from the previous version (not made by Nitram Lexa) had to be carried over to the new version. Nitram Lexa delivered a detailed proposal, showing all relevant aspects of the solution. The proposal uncovered a few issues to be remodeled. After presenting a revised proposal, Navtech Denmark accepted the proposal. The implementation took 12 weeks and is based on DOBST.


Result serves more than 1.5 million hits per month, making it the dominant consumer portal for navigation technology in Denmark.


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