About us


The company


Nitram Lexa was founded in 1999 by David Sukkot and Claus Bo Hansen. Our focus has always been programming internet applications. We are not here to run an internet business. We choose to leave that to our clients. After all we are programmers not salesmen.


Unusual for this type business, we are not owned by financial partners. As a principle we do not invest until we can pay in cash. This attitude has kept us successfully in business, while we have seen many alternative approaches fail.


Our healthy business approach allows us to be around for as long as you need us.




The systems we develop are critical for our clients in terms of speed, stability and cost. Scalability, portability and flexibility are also important.


Therefore, we focus on a de facto standard development platform for production systems:

  • Unix (or one of its open-source Linux variants)
  • PHP, a programming language designed specifically to internet applications
  • Client-server SQL database. We usually use MySQL, which is both free, super fast and stable

Depending on the specific requirements other technologies are used when reasonable.
Examples of such technologies are: Embedded Linux, C++, Java, Flash, JavaScript and DHTML.


Dynamic Object Structure Techonology (DOBST)


Nitram Lexa has also developed DOBST (Dynamic Object Structure Technology).
DOBST is a portable database technology, which handles modification of data structures without making database or interface changes. This makes DOBST based systems more reliable and less expensive to modify.


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