Why test your connection to the internet?


Even though everything seems to run as it is supposed to, it might not always be the case. This is one of the reasons for us to offer to test your connections to the web. Among the things we test are the vulnerability towards hackers and the abuse of your servers for spamming.


The result of our test is a report that shows what weaknesses hackers might use to gain access to your systems. It may even go unnoticed that the system has been compromised, yet intruders have access to data, passwords and usernames.


An intruder might be able to change the content and functionality on your server, this could be the company website for instance. Further more they will be able to abuse your system resources to hack other systems. Hereby possibly making you look like the one responsible for the attacks.


Your servers – no matter where they are placed – should always be configured correctly and held up to date with all security measures. Otherwise you might be used to relay spam mail and risk getting your domain registered in spam filters which will cause problems when sending mails.


The test


We test all of your access points (ports) for services that respond to our attempts to connect with them. This could be a mail server, file server, router, fire wall etc. The network will be tested to see if it is possible to get a log in and all programs and services will be checked to see if they have the required updates. The report generated from this will document the possible weaknesses of your network.


The price of at test is based on the number of servers (IP addresses) we are going to test. The price is set at 500DKK pr server.


If you want a consultant to walk through the test results and possible solutions to the problems this is done on an hourly basis.


Please contact our sales department for a price quote on a solution based on your specific needs either by mail at or by phone on +45 70 25 24 23.


The consulting


We offer consulting based on the report about the most effective measures to take to eliminate any weakness found. Further more we will take a look at what we can do to keep your connections to the internet as protected as possible against attacks from the internet.


info@nitramlexa.comPhone: +45 70 25 24 23