Case stories




A powerful presentation of Garmin products. Used by both resellers and end-users for learning about product features, comparing models, downloading upgrades and much more. A technical encyclopedia is dynamically generated based on content managed by the client. Even with a large amount of content, it is still very intuitive to use. uses DOBST.



The most successful consumer GPS webshop, serving 1.5 million hits per month. Specifically designed to suit a broad range of consumers and professional buyers. is based on DOBST, which makes content management possible for almost any content in the system. The design template is used for related systems
(ex., making a consistent image for the business group.


TDC course administration



Streamlining internal procedures. Improving customer service and releasing resources. Notifications and reminders are sent automatically to students, teachers etc. Statistics for different segments of the customer base is available to TDC administrators. The design is not developed by Nitram Lexa. The system is integrated into the existing TDC solution, transparent for the user. Customer data is retrieved from existing internal database.


TDC satisfaction survey



Real-time statistics for on-line survey. Results are shown in specials diagrams, developed specifically for this TDC application. Results are comparable year by year, making a very useful tool for measuring customer satisfaction. Both multiple choice and free text input are directed to the relevant personnel.


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