Creating software applications requires very strict methodology to be successful. This is especially true when the system is not trivial and more people and interfaces are involved. In addition to traditional project management skills, special systems and procedures are required to handle the complex process of software development.



Requirement specification


In the initial phase of the project, the purpose and overall functionality of the application is defined. The duration varies, as some clients has a well defined specification already. Others need to discuss possibilities and options before deciding what to implement.




The proposal is a comprehensive document which contains all the necessary details to implement the application. Everything from interfaces to graphical design is covered. Different options can be included in the proposal, each defined by functionality, price and duration.


Project plan


The project plan breaks down all the part of the implementation to tasks. When the client is involved in the project (clearing access to existing system for example), these tasks will appear in project plan as well. The project plan is available on-line to the client.


Alpha code


Alpha code is for development only, i.e. the client never runs this code.




Code documentation is written as an integral part of the code, following very specific rules. This makes the documentation very useful for the programmer. The strict documentation syntax makes it possible to automatically generate the complete documentation for the system. This includes object hierarchies, methods etc. The documentation is generated on a daily basis and is available on-line to the client.


Code repository


All code versions are stored in a repository. This makes it possible to develop several code branches simultaneously, roll back to previous releases and examine individual file revisions as well as much more.


Beta code


Beta code is the current release candidate. Beta code is never modified. It is as fixed as release code.


Beta Test


Beta testing is the process of testing all functionality in the application. This is usually done by non-programmers, following a scheme.


Bug registration


Bug found by either during the beta-test or in production are registered in the bug registration system, Bugzilla. This provides an overview of bug history as well as all details about every bug. The bug system can be accessed on-line by the client.


Code release


After the beta code passes test, it is ready for release. The client decides when the code release takes place.


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