Case story: TDC satisfaction survey




TDC Mobil A/S is the largest GSM mobile operator in Denmark.




TDC does an annual satisfaction survey among its partners. The amount of data is significant. Data processing used to be done manually, partly in spreadsheets. Statistics took weeks to finish after final data were received, and the many working hours were spent to process the data. Nitram Lexa was asked to create a system to handle both data entry from the partners and statistics for TDC.




Nitram Lexa was introduced to the statistics models used by TDC. The user part of the application was designed to look exactly like the forms, which were used before. Statistics were enhanced significantly in terms of both readability and processing time. Time from the initial meeting to the first partner login was 8 weeks. An interface for maintaining multiple choice tests were programmed, i.e. TDC can modify the survey without Nitram Lexa involvement.




Annual satisfaction surveys are carried out with a minimum of effort from TDC. Results are available in real time.


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