Case story:




Fairpoint A/S is distributing consumer electronics for cars, boats and outdoor use as well as fishing equipment and Henri Lloyd garments.




Nitram Lexa made the first version of in 2000/2001. After 3 years of successful running, Fairpoint wanted to add more functionality and make other improvements based on the experiences from the existing version.


The DOBST model from version 1 had to be reused in version 2.




As version 1 was successful, focus was on defining enhancements. With only few exceptions, all functionality from version 1 should be carried on to version 2. Going through ideas and defining the overall set of enhancements took a couple of meetings. Nitram Lexa then formalized the project into the proposal. After minor adjustments, implementation was started.
The entire process took about 15 weeks.


Result remains the national reference for Garmin units. Not just by name, but used everyday by resellers, end users and anyone interested in GPS technology.


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